Genetic Genealogy is the latest advancement in genealogy research.  It can help overcome roadblocks when the paper trail ends and can help identify biological family members.  Not sure where to begin?  I recommend checking out the DNA Testing Adviser's page to learn more.  It's a free informational website by adoptee, Richard Hill who is the author of "Finding Family - My Search for Roots and the Secrets in My DNA". 

I have been using genetic genealogy professionally for others since 2016 and since then I have solved 16 cases identifying biological family members for my clients.  

If you have unknown family members I would like to help you discover them. 

​1) Order an Ancestry DNA kit on

2) Purchase package #4 under my rates tab.  

3) Share your Ancestry DNA results with me once they arrive by going into settings.  

I will even help you connect with living family members once we discover new branches of your family tree!

DNA analysis on your Ancestry DNA results!

What my Clients are Saying:

I provide fast & affordable family tree research

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Genealogy by Nicole, LLC

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My packages are affordable and I guarantee completion within two weeks for package 1.  Typical copies of items my clients receive:


  • Photographs of ancestors
  • Photographs of head stones
  • Census records
  • Marriage licenses or index of record
  • Military service information
  • City directory listings with address
  • Obituaries

"It's fascinating!  I can't believe the amount of info you've garnered.  Good job!"

- Janice Cummings


"Working with Nicole is a real pleasure.  She listened to me and researched on the branch of my family where I had limited knowledge and the most. interest.  Nicole also helped me in understanding my DNA evaluation.  I recommend her to anyone who is interested in learning more about their family tree."

- Nancie Ames